Parquet flooring, the classic and timeless wooden floor

Parquet flooring is usually made of different types of wood and is often laid in a uniform geometric pattern. Traditional hardwood flooring designs include squares, triangles, diamonds, and stars, but you can also find chevron (zigzag) designs. And of course, you also can choose a custom design by selecting your wood and creating your design. If you plan on installing a wooden floor, you’ve come to the right place.

Laying parquet floors with hardwood flooring from reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is the latest trend in flooring. Due to its versatile nature, it is becoming more and more popular. This type of flooring is made from old buildings. The segments are separated by their type. Depending on where they were found, the pieces can be of different ages and types. Most of the old wood comes from oak or beech. This type of flooring is incredibly versatile and is suitable for both homes and businesses.

Parquet flooring

Reclaimed wood is an excellent choice for flooring because it is much more complex and thus more potent than fresh wood. Moreover, sustainable reclaimed wood has a distinctive look and rich history, making it a great alternative to fresh, new wood. Having wood flooring installed from high-quality reclaimed wood allows you to create a unique living atmosphere.

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10 advantages of parquet flooring

Laying parquet flooring creates an extremely cozy atmosphere. Even when choosing furniture, we often choose beech or cherry. One of the advantages is the warm feeling under the feet. The following advantages speak for laying with hardwood flooring made of high-quality wood:

  1. Attractive to the eyes: the irregular or finely grained surface of hardwood flooring does look fantastic and looks lively and classy. Both wood oil and hard wax oil provide a visual feast for the eyes, while varnish, on the other hand, leaves a beautiful shine.
  2. Comfortable and clean floor: Hardwood flooring is free of harmful substances and regulates the indoor climate. Excess moisture from the air is absorbed and released thanks to the open-pored structure of hardwood flooring.
  3. Sound absorbing: wooden floors certainly have a sound-absorbing effect. However, it is essential that the hardwood flooring is laid correctly. For families with children or rental apartments, hardwood flooring is a considerable advantage.
  4. Durability: Whether solid or multi-layer, our hardwood flooring is 100% wood and therefore grows back. To be on the safe side in terms of eco-balance, you should choose domestic species such as beech, ash, or oak for the hardwood flooring installation. The beautiful teak wood, which comes from Indonesia, can also be used with a clear conscience since it is also grown relatively there.
  5.  Solid and durable: the more complex the wood of the hardwood flooring, the more resistant the surface. Chair legs, high heel shoes, or claws leave almost no traces. If, however, traces should be visible at some point: Sand them down finely and re-oil or varnish them – and they will look like new!
  6.  Easy cleaning: Occasionally wipe with a slightly damp and soft floor cloth, vacuum cleaner on – done! A few drops of detergent such as hardwood floor cleaner in the water is enough for perfect cleaning.
  7. Ideal for allergy sufferers: Having hardwood flooring laid is ideal, especially for people who suffer from allergies, because, firstly, hardwood flooring does not contain allergenic substances. And second, as already mentioned, it is also very easy to clean. In addition, hardwood flooring has a climate-regulating property, which will be appreciated especially by people with sensitive respiratory tracts.
  8.  Ideal for pets: Where we humans feel comfortable, our four-legged friends feel just as comfortable too. A high-quality wood will easily resist the usual scratching attacks of your best friend. Moreover, it should not be a problem, and if something goes wrong while they are eating, it can easily be wiped off.
  9. Timeless and modern: Wooden floors have been laid for centuries and always meet the taste of the time. A change of style in the interior decor overcomes hardwood flooring with ease because hardwood flooring is one of the absolute timeless classics in interior design. If properly cared for, hardwood flooring can last for several years, so temporary changes in trends cannot affect the real wooden floor.
  10.  Real nature in your homes: Create a natural atmosphere in your home or workspace. A first-class wooden floor should be the first choice for anyone who wants to have a natural feeling in their home. Due to its original smell and wooden surface, hardwood flooring is very versatile and offers numerous advantages. A subtly chosen wooden floor, for example, can be set as a pleasant contrast to visually fancy interior designs. Create your current style by having wooden flooring installed.

Has parquet flooring been installed – floating or glued?

Nowadays, hardwood flooring is available in many different shades of color, as well as in a wide variety of installation methods. After you have decided on a particular color and installation method, a very crucial question will arise: How should the hardwood flooring be installed – floating or gluing? Both options have their advantages.

Parquet hardwood flooring options

Floating parquet flooring

Installing hardwood flooring floating is fast and much easier than gluing. In the meantime, many manufacturers have developed simple connection systems for floors. And with a bit of craftsmanship, the high-quality wooden floors are laid quickly and precisely. The connections of such systems guarantee neat transitions between the individual planks. In addition, floating wooden floors can be walked on immediately after installation and therefore immediately habitable. However, make sure that the subfloor is dry and clean.

In addition, it is essential to level out any significant unevenness and holes before laying the hardwood floor. Carpets already laid are highly unsuitable as a surface for hardwood flooring and should therefore be removed beforehand. The most significant and decisive advantage of floating wooden floors is that the planks can be easily removed. For this reason, they are perfect for apartments for rent. And if you handle the removal with care, you can even lay the hardwood floor again.

Glue parquet flooring all over the surface

Not always is it possible to lay wooden floor floating. For example, in the living areas with underfloor heating, the floating option is not so good. This is the layer of air between the subfloor and the floor. This has a negative effect on thermal conductivity, which means that the heating effect is weakened. Consequently, in living rooms with underfloor heating, the hardwood floor is usually glued.

Here, some types of wood are more suitable for this variant of laying than others. Walnut or oak are hardwood species that offer excellent thermal conductivity. If, on the other hand, you want to install a wooden floor that will last for several decades, then you should have it fully glued. In addition, most wooden floors are relatively easy to renovate. This is because the top layer, i.e., the wear layer, can be sanded down, making the hardwood floor smooth and clean again afterward.

The adhesives we use are healthy for living and do not contain any questionable additives. As a renowned company, we only carry adhesives in our range that do not pose a risk to the health of all occupants.

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Whether you now lay your parquet flooring as a floating installation or even glue it down, it all depends, among other things, on various factors. Let’s keep these in an overview once again:

Floating installation:

  • Hardwood flooring can be reused
  • Hardwood flooring can be walked on immediately
  • Allows footstep sound absorption

Full-surface gluing:

  • Hardwood flooring can be easily renovated
  • Optimum room acoustic properties
  • It is ideal and necessary in living rooms with underfloor heating
  • Powerful load-bearing capacity due to the direct connection to the subfloor

First-class parquet flooring quality at fair prices

Hardwood flooring

To get the desired ambiance for your homes, you should hire a company with experience and skills in laying the wood. An experienced professional will not only install the floors but also highlight the beauty of the wood. While recycled wood flooring is generally suitable for most chalet constructions projects, it is not recommended for bathrooms or kitchens as moisture can cause the wood to swell and become damaged. We also offer top-quality products for kitchens or bathrooms.

We install high-quality hardwood flooring in the Saanen/Gstaad region and have been doing so successfully for a very long time. We will be delighted to advise you on the choice of wood flooring for your chalet.

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